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What · the · hell · did · you · wear · today?

A favorite outfit

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Hi! I'm Suzume. Usually, the only time clothes are really a big deal to me is when I'm wearing a costume, but I wore a favorite outfit of mine yesterday.

In explanation of the not-helpful picture:
I took this picture at work (I'm a student assistant at CSUF). This summer I was moved to a different workspace which happens to have a very new, fancy Mac. While I was waiting for my boss to get back from an appointment, I discovered "Photobooth."

I wore a dark purple shirt with a knee-length skirt I made from an old dress of mine. The skirt is black with a design of purple flowers on it. (I'd had the dress for years. It didn't fit very well anymore, but I still loved the fabric)

Well, I just wanted to try this out. Thanks for indulging me! I hope to see and read about some more interesting clothes than mine here in the future!
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On June 18th, 2008 04:47 pm (UTC), honeymassacre commented:
Manda~ You look cute, and its great that you alter your old clothes!
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